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It is our honour and pleasure to invite speakers/educators to register with Scope Speaker's Corner. This educational platform provides opportunities for speakers to network without limits. With a global audience and virtual meetings, a stage has been set for education to flourish with no borders.

Scope speaker's corner will also enhance one's profile via various channels including social media. We provide an excellent gateway for speakers to be more visible and boost their online presence. Speakers could be searched by name, place, country, specializations, and topics of interest for locating them worldwide with enhanced features. We will also be hosting SCOPE virtual meetings to which speakers will be invited.

Speakers are required to register their details as outlined in our website and authorize all aspects about themselves that they choose to host on our website. Kindly familiarise yourself with the required Terms and Conditions and information that is published in our public domain. Registration on this site is free and at anytime speakers can switch from offline to online status. Speakers will be provided with unique dashboards.

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