Gastroenterology Course For General Practitioners

Welcome to the Gastroenterology Course for General Practitioners.

The Gastroenterology Course for General Practitioners (GCGP) is a specifically tailored course/meeting to cover the A to Z of gastroenterology in primary care. This course outlines various aspects of gastroenterology care in primary care and also discusses the integrated working with secondary care to achieve the best care in a timely manner, navigating various investigations (endoscopy and imaging). In this course/meeting, we will also discuss case-based learning, pathways, protocols, and the use of technology in the management of patients with GI conditions. "Getting it right the first time-GRIFT" is an important aspect of service delivery to achieve the best possible care. Sharing, promoting, innovation and networking are key elements of providing high quality care. Digital information, APP development, automation in health care, use of artificial intelligence, self management via remote and virtual clinics are gaining popularity and the future of healthcare is rapidly changing. We are in the process of applying for accreditation and CME points from the Royal College of General practise UK. We would like to invite you to this unique course which will be a great opportunity to network, share experiences and expertise in the management/care of patients with gastrointestinal conditions.

The GCGP manual is simple and easy to read and has the information required to manage GI patients and has various useful links.

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Physical Mode- £250

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