Venue Exhibition

Venue Exhibition

We also provide spaces for exhibition and sponsorship at our SCOPE EVENTS/CONFERENCES We provide a tailored approach and choice to exhibitors /sponsors to suit their individual needs –Why not discuss with one of our scope
Opportunities are available to suit all needs and customers.

For further information please contact

Benefits Of Venue Exhibition

  • Face to face meeting with decision-makers
  • Live demonstration of products
  • Developing new leads and new business

Venue Sponsor / Exhibitor

  1. Scope platinum sponsor
  2. Scope gold sponsor
  3. Scope silver sponsor
  4. Seminar sponsor
  5. Practical sessions
  6. Slide video sponsor (logos will appear below presentation )
  7. Newsletter
  8. Programme sheet
  9. Delegate pack
  11. Seat flyers
  12. Charging station sponsor

Stationary Sponsorship

  1. Pens
  2. Scribble pads
  3. Delegate bags
  4. Delegate bag inserts
  5. Lanyards
  6. Delegate badges
  7. Memory sticks with educational materials
  8. COFFEE MUGS (single company)
  9. SCOPE ENDOSCOPY MANUAL ( main/inside cover)