TECNA Exhibition

TECNA Course Target Audience

All endoscopy unit nursing staff, nurse endoscopists & other specialist nurses working in gastroenterology/surgery This includes NHS, private, independent organisations & independent/individual nursing staff. Health care assistants (HCA) working in endoscopy units, Nursing / Other Organisations.

This course is also widely advertised in various national and international nursing organisation websites ,ENDOSCOPY UNITS & MANAGERS >700 endoscopy units in the UK & Republic of Ireland.

Letter of invitation will be sent by post/email to all the endoscopy unit managers, Nurse Endoscopists, all regional & european contacts Surgical and Paediatric gastroenterology units ,Private endoscopy units /independent treatment centres (UK/Republic of Ireland & other countries in the EU/Middle East etc) Mobile endoscopy unit staff.

For further information please contact sponsors@scopehealthuk.com