History of scope health uk

Our Legacy

History of Scope Health UK

Scope Health UK was formed in 2012 with a view to developing innovative courses and creating a platform for a digital future in education and incorporating all aspects into a single platform. A platform for everyone delegates, speakers, industry, and service providers relating to healthcare.


To date, we have organized 25 endoscopy related courses for nurses and trained more than 1500 Nurses mostly from the UK and abroad (TECNA COURSE 2008 to 2020)

We are also launching 2 new courses one for General practitioners (GCGP-2022 ) and another for Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, and anyone performing endoscopic procedures (ELRIC Course 2022).

The Future

We are also investing in social media education and harnessing the power of the internet creating no borders to education/learning and sharing of knowledge.